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Means "Fire" in our native language.  I come from a culture that's rich in tradition and music.  When I was very young, I was interested in the beautiful sounds of the flutes that my father and grandfather played.

I have enjoyed performing in different cities in the United States, Canada and Europe, sharing my music with the world.  By doing so, it  gave me the opportunity to meet other native musicians from different reservations and learn  about their different instruments and techniques. These techniques and instruments are combined in our music, creating a unique  sound that will take your soul on a relaxing journey.




Means "Sun" in our native language. I am so thankful that my ancestors kept alive our traditions and  language for hundreds of years.  Since I was young, I was very intrigued by string instruments and flutes. I was taught by my uncle who was a great guitar player. 

I have been performing in many different locations in the United States.  It is so rewarding to see how much people enjoy our music and knowing that it relaxes them in stressful times. I hope to continue to spread my passion through my music with the world.    



Terrell Aunquoe

I am a Comanche/Kiowa dancer from Oklahoma. Since childhood  I have trained in the art of dancing the ancient stories of my people. It is my privilege and honor to share the  emotions  and beauty  of these stories, while sharing our traditions and culture with our audiences.   I have performed  throughout the USA and Europe.

 My favorite CD is the White Buffalo because it really touches my spirit .  The Fly of the  Condor on this CD is my favorite song  as it  greatly moves my spirit and inspires my dance.

  I am a veteran and when  I perform I dance and pray for all the  spirits and souls of these great soldiers who  have sacrificed for us all.  I offer my spirit to support and keep safe the great soldiers that are still fighting for all of us today.    



Comanche John Kell

I am a Comanche/Pawnee  from Oklahoma. I have been dancing with my brother Terrell for many years.  We have both traveled extensively all over the world  sharing the art and craft of storytelling through the dance.

The spirit of the eagle,  the bear and the wolf have very special meaning  in our  Native American culture. When I dance, it is the  Spirit of the Wolf  that inspires my dance and native art.  The appreciation and enjoyment that is shown to us as we perform, allows us to experience much pride in sharing our traditions and culture.   It encourages us to continue in our travels and mission to share the beauty of our culture with all that will listen.    
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